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Turban delicat din lana naturala BECCA designer Christine Headwear

Cod produs: JHBB1293

 Producator: Christine Headwear

Un turban usor si foarte confortabil, B.B. Becca face parte din seria BODY Balance- un sistem de mentinere a temperaturii corpului la 37.5 grade. Acesta este un produs revolutionar al companiei.

Design feminin




Controlul umezelii

37.5® Technology

63% Lana 37 % Poliester

Acest material se usuca de 5 ori mai repede.Particulele active folosite in obtinerea tehnologiei 37.5® sunt derivate din nucile de cocos si rocile vulcanice. Sunt folosite doar materiale naturale si fara chimicale.



A light and extremely comfortable turban with a beautiful draping detail. The B.B. Becca Turban is part of our Body Balance series and has been developed to maintain a core temperature at 37.5 degrees. This unique fabric feature captures and releases moisture vapour and leaves you comfortable and warm at all times. Due to the 37.5® Technology used, the turban has a cooling effect against the skin and will work with your body climate to ensure a core temperature of 37.5 degree. A fantastic and revolutionary choice of headwear.

- Beautiful draping's
- Extremely comfortable to wear
- Light turban
- Breathable
- Moisture capture and release function
- Unique licenced 37.5® Technology fabric feature
- Will keep you cool when warm and comfortable and warm when the body gets cold


63% Wool, 37% Polyester
37.5® Technology

The revolutionary 37.5® Technology used in this unique Christine Headwear collection has resulted
in a headwear line lighter and more advanced than ever seen. The 37.5® Technology works with the
body’s natural mechanisms in order to maintain a balanced core temperature at 37.5 degrees.
It even dries up to five times faster than similar products without the technology and quickly releases
moisture vapour, leaving you in an optimal comfort zone at all times.
The active particles used to form this technology are derived from natural sources such as coconut
shells and volcanic minerals, making this a natural and chemical free headwear line.

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